The Advanced Studies Program at Paul Smith’s College

Paul Smith’s College is committed to education and recognizes that a strong foundation at the high school level will provide the student with some of the basic tools needed to advance academically.

Our Advanced Studies Program offers high school students an opportunity to earn college credits while in high school. While these courses are taught through your high school, all instructors are certified by Paul Smith’s College and follow the same syllabus as is used at Paul Smith’s College.

We know that in the past year, there have been some challenges with the administrative portion of offering courses. We have streamlined the processes to be easier for you all.


How do I know if my course can get college credit?

Each high school that is afforded the opportunity to offer lower-division (100 or 200) level courses through the Paul Smith’s College Advanced Studies Program that will meet the needs of their students. The teacher at the high school levels reviews the syllabus, and provides instruction that is equivalent to that of the actual college course at Paul Smith’s College. Additionally, the teacher works with a college professor to assure that the course content is appropriate.


What is the cost?

Since these courses are taught at your high school, we can keep the cost at an affordable rate. With a typical 3 credit course, students pay a low rate of $125. A typical Paul Smith’s student pays over $3,000 for this course.

How do students register for the course?

Registration for the 2023-24 academic year will open on October 15. By this time, all instructors must be approved and will be loaded into the registration system. Students will login online, complete a registration form, and pay. Registration with payment must be completed by December 1. The link for registration will be sent to teachers who are approved to distribute to students.

How do students pay for the course?

This year, students will need to pay at the time of registration using a credit card online. We will not be issuing bills to them. We transitioned to payment at the time of registration because we had many who wanted to pay long after the course was finished. If a school is covering the cost for a student, they can work with the student on registration/payment. There are no refunds. Registration with payment must be completed by December 1.

When are grades due?

Grades are due by January 31 for the fall semester and June 30 for the spring semester and full-year courses. Instructions for submitting grades will be mailed to the instructors in December following the registration deadline.

Do graduating seniors get an honor cord for taking classes?

Yes! Every graduating senior will receive a green honor cord. These will be mailed to school counselors by June 1 to distribute to students. In addition, any student who takes an Advanced Studies course and then comes to college here will automatically be awarded a $1,000 scholarship for their first semester!

How does a student obtain a transcript?

Transcripts will be available after July 15. Information on how to obtain a transcript will be sent to students.

Who do I contact if I have questions?

If you have questions, you should email advstudies@togeanfestival.com. This will be the primary contact method for the program and previous emails, or phone numbers should not be utilized as they will not be answered.